Adopt a Student

Your help is needed to assist in sending students to the 2016 AAFP National Student Conference. We are asking members to provide scholarships to students to attend the National Conference of Student Members in Kansas City.  Cost to attend for a student is $300. Many of the great leaders of the state and national academies are students who were products of the AAFP National Student conference.  Your help is needed to continue this wonderful tradition!  With the focus on primary care it is all the more important to expose more students to family medicine.

Here is some feedback from students who attended in 2015:

Attending the AAFP National Conference was one of my top highlights since beginning medical school. It was very encouraging and reinvigorating to meet so many people from around the country that are passionate about Family Medicine. The programs and breakout sessions were excellent, but my favorite part was meeting the people. The expo hall especially facilitated the opportunity to meet individuals from different residency programs. It was so much more meaningful to see the personality of a program in their residents and faculty than to read statistics from a website. As a third year student, I think that it was especially important for me to attend the conference this year. The expo hall was very overwhelming. It was great to be able to gather information about various programs now, before the pressure of applications is present 4th year. I will be better equipped to make targeted use of my time next year because of this year. I am very grateful for the IAFP providing for this opportunity. They didn't just make it easier to attend; they were the reason I could attend! Thank you again for making this investment in my interest in Family Medicine.
- Frederick Ruckersfeldt, University of Iowa

I found the AAFP National conference to be an immensely rewarding experience. The expo hall alone is worth the cost of attendance, to meet with the immense variety of family medicine programs in attendance. Not only does the conference give students a rare opportunity to explore many different residency programs in a low-pressure setting, it also allows us to discover more about what we are looking for in a residency. Additionally, it was a great decision to bring my wife along. She was able to talk with residents, and in some cases their spouses, to get a feel for what life in the towns the residencies in would be like. I think it is not only a great idea, but also an important step in preparing for residency interviews for medical student to attend the national conference..
- Ben Dilger, University of Iowa

National Conference was an excellent opportunity to connect with residency programs, meet other students from around the country, and attend interesting workshops. There was a lot of excitement for family medicine there that was contagious and made me look forward to a family medicine career even more than I had been. The most valuable aspect for me was probably the ability to interact directly with residency programs. There are programs that I am now very excited about that I had been unaware of before, and I was able to cross several off of my list as well. I feel much better equipped entering interview season, with more knowledge about programs and excitement for what is to come. I am very appreciative of the scholarship money offered by IAFP to make attending this conference possible for me. Thank you!
- Travis King Weaver, University of Iowa

My experience at the national conference was phenomenal! Last year I went to the conference just on Saturday to meet some residencies in the expo hall and really enjoyed the opportunity to meet face to face with residents and program directors. I discovered several programs that I hadn't previously considered that I felt connected to and researched throughout my third year. This year, I went to the full conference Thursday through Saturday and it was truly an incredible experience. I went to several workshop sessions that I felt were very worthwhile. They expanded my knowledge of family medicine, gave me advantages for the upcoming application year (interviewing for residency, CV help, etc.), and inspired me. I would absolutely recommend attending the national conference for anyone (M1-M4) interested in family medicine, even if you are on the fence. This is a great opportunity to see what the field is truly about as well as network with other students, residents, and physicians. !
- Mandy Dailey, University of Iowa




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