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Membership Types CME Requirements

Invest in your career. Join the IAFP & AAFP.

Active Membership

Save time and money, connect with your colleagues, and give your specialty a voice. Take advantage of:

CME reporting tool
Practice enhancement resources
Discounts on CME

Resident Membership

Make the most of your medical career with valuable resources included in your resident membership. Benefit from:

Directories of family residency programs and fellowships
International family medicine opportunities
Clinical resources
Member Interest Groups
Career resources

Student Membership

Find out if family medicine is right for you with a FREE student membership. Receive access to:

Award-winning journal, American Family Physician
Board review practice questions
National chapter support
Leadership opportunities and scholarships

Supporting Membership

Invest in family medicine with a supporting membership. Enrich and enhance the specialty by:

Participating in important and beneficial activities
Exhibiting your commitment and lending your expertise

International Membership

Practice family medicine around the world and maintain your connection to the specialty in the United States. Continue your contact with:

Quality family medicine education resources
Direct network to your colleagues here and abroad
Assets to strengthen the voice of family physicians worldwide.

Inactive Members

Retired from practicing medicine or unable to practice at this time? You have an option to continue your membership.

Become a Life Member

Have you been an AAFP member for 25 years or more? Consider becoming a life member.

Active members must report at least 150 credits of approved CME every three calendar years (i.e., during their re-election cycle). The 150 credits must include at least 75 AAFP Prescribed credits. 

Members in other AAFP membership categories are not required to report CME but may do so to maintain a centralized CME record.


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