Membership Awards

The Iowa Academy of Family Physicians honors outstanding family physicians and educators by presenting Annual Membership Awards. The Family Physician of the Year Award is presented to a family physician that was nominated by a patient and exemplifies what it means to be not only a great family physician but an active participant in their community. The Educator of the Year Award is given to a family physician who is quality educator in family practice education. The Lifetime Achievement award is awarded to one or more family physicians who accomplished amazing things in their careers.

Family Physician of the Year Legislative Merit Lifetime Achievement Janet Wee Award Medical Educator of the Year New Physician Award

Please submit nomination letters :

email to or via the online form

or mail to:

Katie Cox
6500 University Avenue, Ste 100, PMB 123
Windsor Heights, IA 50324


Is your Family Physician the best of the best? Do they go above and beyond to care for their patients? Are they active in the community?  Do you think they deserve the 2024 Family Physician of the Year Award?  If so, we want to hear about them!

The Iowa Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP) is seeking nominations for the 2024 Family Physician of the Year. Each year the IAFP awards one family physician the title “Family Physician of the Year” on the basis of outstanding service to patients and community, and devotion to Family Medicine.

If you would like to nominate your family physician, please send letters of nomination (see above on how to nominate)  to the Iowa Academy describing why your family physician should receive the Family Physician of the Year Award.

The 2024 Iowa Family Physician of Year will be honored during the Iowa Academy of Family Physicians Annual Conference on November 7, 2024 at Prairie Meadows Conference Center. 

Past honorees include:
1988 Scott Helmers, M.D.
1989 Dale Christensen, M.D.
1990 James R. Paulson, M.D.
1991 Rodney Miller, M.D.
1992 Marion Barnes, M.D.
1993 Francis Pisney, M.D.
1994 Kelly D. Ross, M.D.
1995 David Paulus, M.D.
1996 Alan Vasher, D.O.
1997 John W. Barnes, M.D.
1998 Ronald Zoutendam, M.D.
1999 Donald Skinner, M.D.
2000 Richard A. Jongewaard, M.D.
2001 Cynthia Wolff, M.D.
2002 David Crippin, M.D.
2003 Michael Gimbel, M.D.
2004 Kenton Moss, M.D.
2005 David Carlson, M.D.
2006 Sharon Bertroche, M.D.
2007 Dale Nystrom, M.D.
2008 Subhash Sahai, M.D.
2009 Craig Thompson, D.O.
2010 Michael AbouAssaly, M.D.
2011 Doug Peters, M.D.
2012 Ried Boom, M.D.
2013 Patrick Edwards, M.D.
2014 Gerard Stanley, Sr., M.D.
2015 Mark Haganman, D.O.
2016 Chris VandeLune, D.O.
2017 Esgar Guarin, M.D.
2018 Noreen O'Shea, D.O.
2019 David Nystrom, D.O.
2022 Jeffrey Hoffmann, D.O.
2023 John Thurman, D.O.

Annually the Legislative & Governmental Affairs Committee will evaluate recent legislative activity at the state and federal level. State legislators and members of the Iowa congressional delegation who have made a significant effort in the area of health care can be considered for special recognition at the IAFP annual meeting. Individuals considered for the IAFP Legislative Merit Award must meet one or more of following criteria by demonstrating exemplary work in the legislature in support of:

  1. efforts toward improving the health care of all Iowans.
  2. primary care initiatives in Iowa.
  3. improvements in primary care, particularly rural health care, in Iowa.
  4. the statewide family practice residency network in Iowa.

 Past Honorees Include:
2007 State Representative Ro Foege
2013 Don Skinner, MD
2019 State Representative David Kerr


The IAFP Lifetime Achievement Award, instituted in 2000, is given to up to three  IAFP members a year based on nomination by another IAFP member.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given annually to a family physician(s) who meet the following criteria:

  • Has been a member of the Academy in good standing for at least 10 years
  • Is a resident of Iowa
  • Has been involved in significant community service and civic activities
  • Is a role model for other family physicians, residents and/or medical students.

Final selection remains the discretion of the Member Services Committee and the Board of Directors.

If you would like to nominate a colleague, please email your nomination letter to Katie Cox at by September 3, 2024

Past Honorees Include:

Charles Beckman, M.D.
Paul Fee, M.D.
John Garred, M.D.
John Kelly, M.D.
John Murphy, M.D.
Loran Parker, M.D.
Dennis Walter, M.D

Thomas Carroll, M.D.
James Coddington, M.D.
James Dunlevy, M.D.
John Sear, M.D.

William Baumann, M.D.
Forest Dean, M.D.
James Kimball, M.D.
Gary Levalley, M.D..

John Andersen, M.D.
John Hornberger, M.D.
Robert Merrick, M.D.
Wayne Rouse, M.D.

Kenneth Andersen, M.D.
Robert Dunlay, M.D.
Scott Helmers, M.D.
Peter Kepros, M.D.
James Paulson, M.D.

James Carr, M.D.
Keith Garber, M.D.
Donald Nelson, M.D.
M. Gene Parks, M.D.

Don Boldt, M.D.
Steve Eckstat, D.O.
Richard Jongewaard, M.D.
Leslie Weber, M.D.
Robert Wettach, M.D.

Sherman Anthony, M.D.
Gerald McGowan, M.D.

Charles Hamm, M.D.
Francis Pisney, M.D.
Robert Powell, M.D.
David Thomas, M.D.

Gordon Baustian M.D.
James McCabe M.D.
John O’Shea, M.D.
Mark Schultz D.O.

John Brunkhorst, M.D.
William Hicks, M.D.
Michael Miriovsky, M.D.
Paul Ruggle, M.D.

James Kimball , M.D.
Jerrold White, M.D.
Steve Wolfe, M.D.
James Young, M.D.

Larry Beaty, M.D.
Donald Hilliard, M.D.
Paul Holzworth, M.D.
Darrell Jebsen, M.D.
William McCabe, M.D.

Noreen O'Shea, D.O.
George Richardson, M.D.

Thomas Evans, M.D.
Jeffrey Hoffmann, D.O.
Charles Korte, M.D.
Larry Severidt, M.D.

Paul Volker, M.D.

Ried Boom, M.D.
Orville Bunker, M.D.
Harold Miller, M.D.
Donald Skinner, M.D.
Dennis Zachary, M.D.

James Bell, M.D.
GeraldJogerst, M.D.
Dale Nystrom, M.D.
David Carlyle, M.D.
Stephen Richards, D.O.
Willis Dankle, M.D.
Steve Hill, M.D.
Dawn Schissel, M.D.
Jim Buck, M.D.
Joseph Pollpeter, M.D.
Andrew Smith, M.D.
2023 Kevin Locke, M.D.

This award was initiated in 2004 to honor a physician who has made an outstanding contribution to further the goals of Family Medicine.

Past Honorees Include:
2007  David Carlyle, MD
2013  John Carroll, MD
2014  Doug Martin, MD

Please email your nomination letter to Katie at by September 3, 2024

This award is given annually to recognize quality in family practice education. The nominee must be a member of the Academy and should be involved in teaching at a student level, resident level or in the continuing education of family physicians. 

Nominations should include the following: 

*    A typed statement, not to exceed one page in length, must be  

     submitted. It must include the reasoning as to why the nominee  

     should receive the award and sufficient information regarding the  

     nominee's educational efforts  

*    Letters of endorsement from past/present students and residents, as well as     colleagues.      

Past recipients:

1978 Vernon Schlaser, M.D.
1979 Richard Caplan, M.D.
1980 Harold Moessner, M.D.
1981 Robert Rakel, M.D.
1982 Reuben Widmer, M.D.
1984 Phil Mathias, M.D.
1985 John Murphy, M.D.
1986 Glenys Williams, M.D.
1987 Loren Parker, M.D.
1988 Richard Munns, M.D.
1989 Karl Jauch, M.D.
1990 Donald A.F. Nelson, M.D.
1992 Charles Driscoll, M.D.
1993 Stanton Danielson, M.D.
1994 Monte Skaufle, M.D.
1995 John W. Ely, M.D.
1996 Kim Brandt, M.D.
1997 Eric Evans, M.D.
1998 Michael Sparacino, D.O.
1999 Gerald Mc Gowan, M.D.
2000 Marvin R. Huff, D.O.
2001 George Bergus, M.D.
2002 Gerald Jogerst, M.D.
2003 R. Reid Boom, M.D.
2004 Barcey Levy, M.D., Ph.D
2005 John Sutherland, M.D.
2006 Charles Zelnick, M.D.
2007 Jim Young, M.D.
2008 Robert Merrick, M.D
2009 Larry Beaty, M.D.
2010 Larry Severidt, M.D.
2012 Corrine Ganske, M.D.
2013 Jill Endres, M.D.
2014 Michael Jung, M.D.
2015 Ann Soenen, D.O.
2016 Gena Benoit, M.D.
2017 Chad McCambridge, M.D.
2018 Nicholas Galioto, M.D.
2019 Paul Volker, M.D.
2022 Stacey Neu, M.D.

This award is to recognize a new physician who has made a significant contribution to Iowa Academy of Family Physicians and Family Medicine.

Past Honorees Include:
2015  Lisa Lavadie-Gomez, MD
2018  Laura Bowshier, MD