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Thank you so much to our 2023 Foundation Donors!


Candyce Ackland, MD
Larry Beaty, MD
Jim Bell, MD
George Bergus, MD
Jenny Butler, MD
David Carlson, MD
Patrick Courtney, MD
John Ebensberger, MD
Alan Fisher, MD (In Memory of Dr. Don Rodawig, Spirit Lake)
Corrine Ganske, MD
Steven Gordon, MD
Angela Greif, MD
Kate Hanrahan, MD
Jeff Hoffmann, DO
Amr Kamhawy, MD
Angela Kerchner, MD
Robert Kruse, MD
Shauna LaFleur, MD
Sarah Ledger, DO
Barcey Levy, MD
Ursula Livermore, MD
Kevin Locke, MD
Rodney Logan, MD
Patricia Magle, MD
Doug Martin, MD
Brian Mehlhaus, MD
Robert Nathanson, DO
Donna Nelson, MD
Francis Pisney, MD
Bridget Ray, MD
Steve Richards, DO (In Memory of Dr. Don Rodawig, Spirit Lake)
Thomas Richmann, MD
Dawn Schissel, MD
Donald Skinner, MD
Dustin Smith, MD
Heidi Van Maanen, DO
Jerrold White, MD
Jason Wilbur, MD