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Thank you so much to our 2020 Foundation Donors!!!

Mabior Ayuen, MBA, PhD
Robin Barnett, DO
Larry Beaty, MD
George Bergus, MD
Jenny Butler, MD
David Carlson, MD
Alan Fisher, MD (In Memory of Anthony Romano, MD)
Corrine Ganske, MD
James Gamache, MD
Kyle Glienke, MD
Brent Hoehns, MD
Cynthia Hoque, DO
Jeff Hoffmann, DO
Amy Huber, DO
Amr Kamhawy, MD
Robert Kruse, MD
Steven Kruse, MD
Barcey & Steve Levy
Michael Lindstrom, DO
Kevin Locke, MD
Patricia Magle, MD
Doug Martin, MD
Brian Mehlhaus, MD
Lonny Miller, MD
Donna Nelson, MD
Noreen O'Shea, DO
Jim Paulson, MD
Steven Perkins, DO
Doug Peters, MD
Steve Richards, DO
Larry Severidt, MD
Dawn Schissel, MD
Andrew Smith, MD
Candice Smith, MD
Chereen Stroup, MD
Kate Thoma, MD
Niral Tilala, MD
Heidi Van Maanen, DO
Jason Wilbur, MD


We would like to sincerely thank everyone that supported the Cedar Rapids residents as they transition to new residency programs.

Mercy Medical Center- Cedar Rapids
Mercy Medical Center Active Medical Staff
St. Luke's Hospital- Cedar Rapids
St. Luke's Hospital Active Medical Staff
The Ahrendsen Family Donor Advised Fund
Laura Abels, DO
Larry Beaty, MD
Jennifer Bell, MD
Jim Bell, MD
Laura Bowshier, MD
Jenny Butler, MD
David Carlson, MD
Craig Clark, MD
Myra Daniel, MD
Margaret Evans, DO
Bob Farinelli 
Alan Fisher, MD
Donald Flory, MD
James Gamache, MD
Angela Godejohn, MD
Donal Gordon, MD
Steven Gordon, MD
Mara Groom, DO
Amy Huber, DO
George Kappos, MD
Jennifer Latterell, DO
Patricia Magle, MD 
Lonny Miller, MD
Jasmine Nabi, MD
Stephen Nowak, DO
Stephen Pallone, MD
Jim Paulson, MD
Joseph Pollpeter, MD
Robert Rakel, MD
Stephen Richards, DO
Dawn Schissel, MD
Nathan Shaw, MD
Ann Soenen, DO
Sara Spiva, DO
Gerard Stanley Sr., MD
Claire Stefl, MD
Chereen Stroup, MD
Daniel Vanden Bosch, MD
Jamie Wallace Smith, MD
Christine Warner, MD
Jason Wilbur, MD
Pam Williams 
Claudia Zavala, MD