2016 IAFP Foundation Donors

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of our members that contributed to the IAFP Foundation  in 2016. We had an extremely successful year!  The IAFP Foundation raised $16,087, providing funding student and resident programs and the Rural Loan Repayment Program.


Thank you to our 2016 Foundation Donors

Fredric Ahler, MD
Melissa Austreim, MD
Robin Barnett, DO
Larry Beaty, MD
Jim Bell, MD
George Bergus, MD
Sharon Bertroche, MD
Tim Blair, MD
Scott Bohner, DO
R Ried Boom, MD
Jenny Butler, MD
Patrick Cogley, MD
Adrian Cordovi, MD
Josephine Dunn Junius, MD
Laine Dvorak, MD
Steve Eckstat, DO
Jill Endres, MD
Garrett Feddersen, DO
Alan Fisher, MD (In Memory of Dr. Fred Marsh)
Corrine Ganske, MD
Thomas Gary, MD
Donal Gordon, MD
Mara Groom, DO
Aaron Heiar, DO
Brent Hoehns, MD
Jeff Hoffmann, DO
Stephen Holmes, MD
Amr Kamhawy, MD
George Kappos, MD
Laura Lasack, MD
Lisa Lavadie-Gomez, MD
Sarah Ledger, DO
Michael Lindstrom, DO
Kevin Locke, MD
Michael Maharry, MD
Doug Martin, MD
Ron McHose, DO
Lonny Miller, MD
Kenton Moss, MD
Robert Nathanson, DO
Sarah Olsasky, DO
Noreen O'Shea, DO
Steve Perkins, DO
Doug Peters, MD
Joseph Pollpeter, MD
Steve Richards, DO
Kelly Ross, MD
Dawn Schissel, MD
Larry Severidt, MD
Larissa Sharp, MD
Donald Skinner, MD
Dustin Smith, MD
Chereen Stroup., MD
Kate Thoma, MD
Kara Thompson, DO
Joel Wells, DO
Jason Wilbur, MD
Les Weber Memorial