2015 IAFP Foundation Donors

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of our members that contributed to the IAFP Foundation  in 2015. We had an extremely successful year!  The IAFP Foundation raised $15,388, providing funding student and resident programs and the Rural Loan Repayment Program.

2015 Foundation Donors
Candyce Ackland, MD
Fred Ashler, MD
Marian Barnes, MD
Larry Beaty, MD
Jim Bell, MD
George Bergus, MD
Elaine Berry, MD
Laura Bowshier, MD
Sherry Bulten, MD
Jenny Butler, MD
Adrian Cordovi, MD
Laine Dvorak, MD
Garrett Feddersen, DO
Alan Fisher, MD
Nicholas Galioto, MD
Corrine Ganske, MD
Donal Gordon, MD
Steven Harder, DO
Aaron Heier, MD
Brent Hoehns, MD
Jeff Hoffmann, DO
Paul James, MD
Amr Kamhawy, MD
George Kappos, MD
Laura Lasack, MD
Robert Lee, MD
Barcey Levy, MD
Kevin Locke, MD
Doug Martin, MD
Dean Moews, MD
Dale Nystrom, MD
Noreen O’Shea, DO
Steve Perkins, DO
Douglas Peters, MD
Francis Pisney, MD
Joseph Pollpeter, MD
Harry Readinger, MD
Steve Richards, DO
Benjamin Ross, MD
Dawn Schissel, MD
Larry Severidt, MD
Donald Skinner, MD
Dustin Smith, MD
Chereen Stroup, MD
Mary Tesdall
Frank Veltri, MD
Jason Wilbur, MD